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All of my writings could be traced back to something or someone said, hence the name of the blog.

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In the name of various isms, my software myths

I mentioned a year or two ago the idea that Electron architecture software is crap. As I’ve broadened the breadth of software use in my work and tossing, I’ve had to install more and more Electron-based software on my computer system. And it was in this experience of using it more and more often in real life that I began to waver a bit from my previous views. But I know that my wavering is not about right and wrong, but about the dissonance I feel when I look at it from the perspective of user experience and utility, and this dissonance makes me think....

2020/09/17 · 5 min · Hue

My optimism and pessimism

My optimism lies in the fact that people like me, who consider themselves ignorant, still know the importance of respecting people. If every natural person is slowly educated and taught the concept of respect for people, I believe the future is hopeful and the public environment will become better. My pessimism is that people who understand that respect for others is necessary will probably be reported, and probably on their way to being reported....

2020/04/10 · 2 min · Hue

My View of Love

The issue of me being a virgin mentioned in the previous post is more or less about sex, and I’d like to talk about love in this post instead. I brought my phone into the bathroom as I always do. Before I take a shower I need to turn on Apple Music and pick an album to listen to while I shower. It’s not really music to enjoy, it’s just background music, or at least something my head needs to listen to while it’s empty and thinking....

2020/03/29 · 3 min · Hue

Regarding I am a virgin

It has been a long time since I have written a public article, one is not much, and the other is not well written. The sexual mindset of being ashamed of being a virgin is widespread in the male population. So I, being a virgin, pretty much means having to face the question head-on - am I ashamed of being a virgin? <! –more–> TL;DR, yes. The reason I’m thinking...

2020/03/29 · 4 min · Hue