Self Introduction

I, a glass-hearted giant baby born in the assembly-line style of education in China, an arrogant hypochondriac with an excess of self-awareness.

I frequently pretend to be rational and share subjective private thoughts, occasionally treating my mental cleanliness by making my inner monologue public, with arrogant writing and hypocritical reflections in every corner of the blog. As a result, it is not uncommon for me to scribble, not update for a long time, or post a lot at once.

Likewise, I was living by the “lifelong learning” credo I had stolen from elsewhere. I was constantly observing all kinds of political correctness and mistakes both online and offline, so that I don’t know whether I am a “good guy who looks like a bad guy” or a “bad guy who looks like a good guy”.

In any case, I labeled myself as undoubtedly greasy and uninteresting, so “About me” at the top of the page, I do not recommend you to read, it’s not that I’m pretending, it’s just that I know prejudice is a double-edged sword.