The issue of me being a virgin mentioned in the previous post is more or less about sex, and I’d like to talk about love in this post instead.

I brought my phone into the bathroom as I always do. Before I take a shower I need to turn on Apple Music and pick an album to listen to while I shower. It’s not really music to enjoy, it’s just background music, or at least something my head needs to listen to while it’s empty and thinking.

Today I picked “La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”, the soundtrack album of Philharmagic. I guess the action of picking this album has been repeated hundreds of times, “City of Stars” and “Epilogue” these two songs are a little bit never get tired of listening to the meaning of a few melodies can immediately bring me back to the world of the romantic city.

I always leave the real world for a while in this way.

One’s view of love is always changing, or at least mine is, and even when I talk about what I understand by love, it’s just this Moment’s view of love.

I have also tried to summarize love with simple comparisons, such as rich, beautiful girls can mostly attract my attention for 3 seconds, but intelligent girls, independent-minded girls can attract me for life and other generalizations. But these ideas are too figurative and invariably exude a strong courtship signal to the point of unconsciously objectifying women.

So, on the question of how to evaluate a person, I was thoroughly disgusted with the adjective + subject form.

And later, as in La La Land, in that unreal world of dreams given brilliant colors, I was turned upside down in my view of love, and I have kept this view of love until now.

I think I can’t escape the circle of “what I can’t get is always stirring, and what I can get is just the same”, but growth and fulfillment will be the eternal melody. In a suitable or inappropriate point in time, Boy Meets Girl, each have their own ideas, each have their own pursuit, the spirit of mutual support, not in you and me. The end of the song is separated at a certain point in time, a corner of each other’s heart still has a place for each other. In serious and unpleasant terms, the higher order of love is from mutual achievement. I don’t know if it’s too much to elevate the words to the higher or lower order of love, but love combined with self-realization is romantic.

It’s better to forget each other than to be together.

I like romance, but maybe I don’t understand it. When the unrealistic and gorgeous dream wakes up, will it be the time for my new view of love to burst forth? In a sense, I have a little something to look forward to.

But, man, it’s the need to accept expectations and not be allowed to.