My optimism lies in the fact that people like me, who consider themselves ignorant, still know the importance of respecting people. If every natural person is slowly educated and taught the concept of respect for people, I believe the future is hopeful and the public environment will become better.

My pessimism is that people who understand that respect for others is necessary will probably be reported, and probably on their way to being reported. Just like the elephant in the room, all content related to free will will be exploited by the tangible and invisible Power without end, hijacked by political correctness and anti-political correctness. Before natural people are indoctrinated and scientistic, as both sides of the scientistic spectrum are implied and hurt into the most extreme frightened birds, and even more physical harm and propaganda of progressive ideas will not change their existing perceptions and patterns of action, in the end they will only transfer their indignation to people who are sincere in their treatment.

Looking at this year 2020, I seriously say that humanity is going to be finished.

This used to be a joke, but eventually found it had to be faced squarely.

Human stupidity does not distinguish between national boundaries, the moon in the West will not always be round, nor will it always be unround, and than rottenness should not be a deserved behavior. The true beauty and ugliness of human beings are drifting apart on the road of dichotomy. Where does the patience and passionate replenishment to face the pain head-on come from, except that one does not spare oneself?